The Best Tours

Seattle is a city surrounded by water, which means that one of the most interesting ways to see the city is by boat. There are plenty of amazing tours in Seattle, Washington. From educational tours to fun boat rides, there are so many options available to people that want to explore this side of Seattle.

Day Trips

If you’re planning on taking a day trip when you’re visiting Seattle (you can learn more here:, there’s a good chance that you’ll be traveling via boat. There are spacious and beautiful ships that can bring you to destinations like Victoria, Canada. Although boat travel isn’t standard these days, it can be a surprisingly fast way to get to your destination.

You can expect to have a wonderful view of Seattle when you’re on the boat, and you’ll also be able to see spectacular views of the cities you’re traveling to. You can ride a boat to a destination, spend some time there, and then take a boat back to the Emerald City after you’re done.

Boat Tours For Kids

If you’re traveling with children, you’ll want to make sure that any tour you go on is appropriate for children. Although some of the most popular boat tours in the area are aimed at adults, there are also a lot of options that are family-friendly. In fact, some local schools have boat tour field trips!

You should never assume that a tour is friendly to kids. If you’re bringing children on a boat, you’ll want to do your research and find options that are appropriate for them. Thankfully, since there are so many cruises and tours in the Seattle area, you’ll have no shortage of choices.

One of the most popular is the long time attraction of the Seattle Duck boat.  The Duck boats are old vessels left over from World War II and the tour is not only kid friendly, but fun for adults as well.

Harbor Cruises

One of the best places to view Seattle from the water is Elliot Bay. These cruises will take you around the harbor and allow you to see many parts of Seattle. Typically, these tours are also narrated, which means you’ll be able to learn more about Seattle while you’re in the boat.

Seattle has a storied history, and a lot of that history involves the harbor in some way. You’ll be able to remember more of what you learn if you’re able to see this side of Seattle during your tour. By the time your cruise is over, you’ll feel like you’ve become an expert on certain parts of the city.

Whale Watching

Many people dream of seeing a whale up close. That’s a dream that you can bring to life when you’re staying in Seattle. There are local boat tours that are designed to let you whales in their natural habitat.

These tours are only available during certain times of the year, and there’s no guarantee that you will be able to see whales when you’re on your tour. However, tour guides know where whale activity is the highest. Most people that go on these tours come away with many impressive photos of whales.

Cocktail Cruises

If you don’t get seasick, and you enjoy a good cocktail, why not try a cocktail cruise? There are one-hour and two-hour-long cruises available. While you’re on a cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasures of a boat ride, see more of Seattle, and of course, enjoy a few nice drinks.

Cocktail cruises have long been a favorite of Seattle visitors, and residents love these cruises as well. Not all of these cruises have a party atmosphere, but they can still be a fantastic way to kick back and have fun.

Lake Union Cruises

Because Seattle is surrounded by water, it actually has a houseboat district! You can see this district for yourself if you choose to go on a tour that takes you through Lake Union. On a cruise like this, you’ll also be able to enjoy many other sights, like a view of the Husky Stadium from the water.

These tours can be quite long, but they can show you a new side of Seattle. A lot of people that visit the Pacific northwest never see these sights. If you go on a tour, you’ll be able to see some amazing sights and make some wonderful memories.

Private Sailing Tours

Most of the boats used for tours in Seattle are quite large. Since these tours are so popular, boats need to be able to accommodate a large number of people. However, it’s possible to go on a smaller tour that’s a lot more intimate. For example, you can see more of Seattle from a sailboat.

It’s possible to charter a boat and go on a small cruise with just a few other people. While you might not be able to hear from an expert guide on a smaller tour like this, you’ll really get to feel the wind on your face as you’re in the water. It can be incredible to catch some views of Seattle from a small boat.

Hot Tub Cruises

It’s possible to enjoy all of the pleasures of being in a hot tub while you’re in Seattle’s waters. There are boats that come equipped with hot tubs that will take you on a tour of Seattle. While these kinds of cruises aren’t the best option for introverts or people that don’t enjoy hot tubs, it’s still a very unique way to experience more of what Seattle has to offer.

If you do decide to go on one of these cruises, you can expect to bring two sets of clothing with you. You’ll want dry clothes, and you’ll want a swimsuit that you can wear while you’re in the hot tub. You’ll enter the boat in your dry clothes, get changed, and then enjoy the hot tub along with the other people that are on this tour.

You should try to spend some time in a boat when you’re in Seattle. Whether you opt for a relaxing cruise or an educational tour, you’ll really appreciate the side of the city that you see when you’re in the water. Seattle has a rich culture, and the water around Seattle is a big part of that.