The Best Tours

Seattle is a city surrounded by water, which means that one of the most interesting ways to see the city is by boat. There are plenty of amazing tours in Seattle, Washington. From educational tours to fun boat rides, there are so many options available to people that want to explore this side of Seattle.

Day Trips

If you’re planning on taking a day trip when you’re visiting Seattle (you can learn more here:, there’s a good chance that you’ll be traveling via boat. There are spacious and beautiful ships that can bring you to destinations like Victoria, Canada. Although boat travel isn’t standard these days, it can be a surprisingly fast way to get to your destination.

You can expect to have a wonderful view of Seattle when you’re on the boat, and you’ll also be able to see spectacular views of the cities you’re traveling to. You can ride a boat to a destination, spend some time there, and then take a boat back to the Emerald City after you’re done.

Boat Tours For Kids

If you’re traveling with children, you’ll want to make sure that any tour you go on is appropriate for children. Although some of the most popular boat tours in the area are aimed at adults, there are also a lot of options that are family-friendly. In fact, some local schools have boat tour field trips!

You should never assume that a tour is friendly to kids. If you’re bringing children on a boat, you’ll want to do your research and find options that are appropriate for them. Thankfully, since there are so many cruises and tours in the Seattle area, you’ll have no shortage of choices.

One of the most popular is the long time attraction of the Seattle Duck boat.  The Duck boats are old vessels left over from World War II and the tour is not only kid friendly, but fun for adults as well.

Harbor Cruises

One of the best places to view Seattle from the water is Elliot Bay. These cruises will take you around the harbor and allow you to see many parts of Seattle. Typically, these tours are also narrated, which means you’ll be able to learn more about Seattle while you’re in the boat.

Seattle has a storied history, and a lot of that history involves the harbor in some way. You’ll be able to remember more of what you learn if you’re able to see this side of Seattle during your tour. By the time your cruise is over, you’ll feel like you’ve become an expert on certain parts of the city.

Whale Watching

Many people dream of seeing a whale up close. That’s a dream that you can bring to life when you’re staying in Seattle. There are local boat tours that are designed to let you whales in their natural habitat.

These tours are only available during certain times of the year, and there’s no guarantee that you will be able to see whales when you’re on your tour. However, tour guides know where whale activity is the highest. Most people that go on these tours come away with many impressive photos of whales.

Cocktail Cruises

If you don’t get seasick, and you enjoy a good cocktail, why not try a cocktail cruise? There are one-hour and two-hour-long cruises available. While you’re on a cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasures of a boat ride, see more of Seattle, and of course, enjoy a few nice drinks.

Cocktail cruises have long been a favorite of Seattle visitors, and residents love these cruises as well. Not all of these cruises have a party atmosphere, but they can still be a fantastic way to kick back and have fun.

Lake Union Cruises

Because Seattle is surrounded by water, it actually has a houseboat district! You can see this district for yourself if you choose to go on a tour that takes you through Lake Union. On a cruise like this, you’ll also be able to enjoy many other sights, like a view of the Husky Stadium from the water.

These tours can be quite long, but they can show you a new side of Seattle. A lot of people that visit the Pacific northwest never see these sights. If you go on a tour, you’ll be able to see some amazing sights and make some wonderful memories.

Private Sailing Tours

Most of the boats used for tours in Seattle are quite large. Since these tours are so popular, boats need to be able to accommodate a large number of people. However, it’s possible to go on a smaller tour that’s a lot more intimate. For example, you can see more of Seattle from a sailboat.

It’s possible to charter a boat and go on a small cruise with just a few other people. While you might not be able to hear from an expert guide on a smaller tour like this, you’ll really get to feel the wind on your face as you’re in the water. It can be incredible to catch some views of Seattle from a small boat.

Hot Tub Cruises

It’s possible to enjoy all of the pleasures of being in a hot tub while you’re in Seattle’s waters. There are boats that come equipped with hot tubs that will take you on a tour of Seattle. While these kinds of cruises aren’t the best option for introverts or people that don’t enjoy hot tubs, it’s still a very unique way to experience more of what Seattle has to offer.

If you do decide to go on one of these cruises, you can expect to bring two sets of clothing with you. You’ll want dry clothes, and you’ll want a swimsuit that you can wear while you’re in the hot tub. You’ll enter the boat in your dry clothes, get changed, and then enjoy the hot tub along with the other people that are on this tour.

You should try to spend some time in a boat when you’re in Seattle. Whether you opt for a relaxing cruise or an educational tour, you’ll really appreciate the side of the city that you see when you’re in the water. Seattle has a rich culture, and the water around Seattle is a big part of that.

Explore Paris a Little Differently

Chic, sophisticated and romantic; three words that could very well sum up the city of Paris in any visitor’s eyes, and even with all the superlatives used to describe the city none have quite managed to capture the true beauty and majesty that emanates from this ‘city of dreams’. With more famous landmarks than any other city, it’s also a weighty revenue for glitzy nightlife, exquisite cuisine, and proud culture.

For those of romantic temperament, or offbeat personality, or simply those who want to experience the city a little bit differently, the Paris Boat Tour is a must take. It’s a chance to leisurely drift through the Seine River or the network of canals while taking in some of the city’s finest landmarks. A tour of the Seine will take you past sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Musee d’Orsay, Notre Dame, Musee du Louvre, Hotel des Invalides, Assemblee Nationale, Grand Palais, Pont Neuf, and Pont Alexandre III.

Sit back, relax and place your trust in one of the companies that have established tours through the Seine and other waterways throughout the year. These companies offer a variety of deals from lunch and/or dinner, to one or two day passes. Bateaux Mouches, Bateaux Parisiens, Batobus, Les Vedettes du Pont Neuf and Vedette de Paris are some of the tour company names that come with high recommendation. Each company has its different times and places from where the tour starts and different terms/requirements that must be complied with. They have different tour patterns and may not visit all of the places mentioned above or would take a different route, thereby giving you a wide choice in which to plan the tour around your schedule to suit your needs.

Looking for accommodation at a hotel in Paris, it’s always best to reflect upon creature comforts and tranquility. A Paris airport hotel that offers exactly such comforts along with a cozy atmosphere, exceptional service and above par leisure center is the Millennium Hotel Paris Charles de Gaulle. Built on the border of the village – Roissy-en-France, it’s perfectly situated for reaching the Paris city center.

BVI Boat Tour – BVI Beaches

If palm tree-lined beached with thatched rook watering holes is your idea of the perfect beach bar, you’ll never find a better collection of them then in the British Virgin Islands. Why? The sun the sand, the incredible water… and the access to them by boat.

The USVI has incredible beaches – think Magen’s Bay on St. Thomas, or Trunk Bay, Watermelon Cay, Caneel Bay on St John, but they lack the boating access and the bar location of being right on the beach, that the BVI beach bars have.

On a BVI boat tour, you can swing over to the next harbor and hang out at Foxy’s. Foxy’s is a much larger place than the Soggy Dollar. It still has the beach bar vibe, though and if Foxy is there (yes, he is a real person) he’s a lot of fun to talk with. Foxy’s also holds a not to be missed New years eve party every year that fills the bay with yachts, super-yachts, dinghy’s or whatever you can get thereon. By the way, Foxy’s also has some really good food – their chicken Roti with mango chutney is fantastic!

Again, on a Pirates Paradise Adventures BVI boat tour, you can swing around to the other side of Jost Van Dyke and head over to Foxy’s Taboo. Again, great drink and food on the patio overlooking the gorgeous water.

Time to hop back on the BVI boat tour and head over to Norman Island, to the infamous Willy T. While the Willy T is not exactly a beach bar – it’s a floating pirate ship – It is sitting in a gorgeous bay and serves great drinks and food. The Willy T’s fan-favorite ritual is for girls (and some guys) to earn free t-shirts by jumping off the top deck topless or naked. While not always wild, it can become racy quickly.

If you have small kids with you, you might prefer going to the Pirates’ Bight, across the bay. This place is on the beach and they even have a pirated themed museum/gift shop next door.

If you’re visiting the Virgin Islands, you owe it to yourself to get a BVI boat tour out to some -if not all of these iconic beach bars. It’s a fun hop from any island, including St.Thomas, so make sure you add a BVI boat tour to your “must-do” list.

The boat you take really does make a difference! Make sure you get one that’s comfortable and has plenty of creature comforts, such as a swim step for easy access to the water, upholstered seats, and maybe even a sun pad to maximize the fun on your next BVI boat tour.

The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Island boat tours offered by the more than eighty licensed operators on the islands. A great way to experience your visit to the Galapagos Islands.

These fun-filled cruises last six to sixteen days with the most popular cruises being between six and eight days. The four-day cruises have been discontinued by most tour companies because many visitors felt that four days just wasn’t long enough time to take in the many spectacular sights offered by the islands.

Smaller boats carrying 10 to 20 people offer the best opportunity to visit more islands as your trips on land are limited to 20 people at a time to help preserve the wear and tear on the islands. Boats are limited to a maximum of 100 people in the area of the islands so smaller is better.

Boat-Based Tours v Land-Based Tours

You can visit more islands when you are boat-based because most of your traveling by boat is done between the islands at night when you are sleeping. If you are land-based you waste a lot of time getting ready at your hotel, traveling by bus to your boat and having to travel to whatever island you are visiting that day.

What To Expect

On your first day, you will be taken to one of the nearest islands. After a light lunch, you will visit this island where you will be taken on a tour by your guide and allowed ample time to take in natural beauty and view the many animals and plants that are unique to the area.

Be sure to take along a good pair of sneakers and hiking boots. Your guide will inform you what type of terrain you will be walking over during your trip ashore. You will also be told if you are making a wet landing or a dry landing. On a dry landing, your landing craft will go right up on the beach or lava rock. Be very careful, these rocks can be extremely slippery. On a wet landing, the landing craft cannot get directly onto the beach. You will have to take off your shoes and socks and wade to the beach in about a foot of water. Be sure to take a towel to dry your feet and remove any beach sand.

After your guided walk on the Island, you will be returned to the boat for a light lunch. After lunch, you will probably be offered a chance to do some snorkeling or swimming or just relax for a bit before going to the next island for another guided tour.

Following your afternoon hike, you will return to the boat where you can read or rest before your delicious evening meal, which is usually served around 7:30 P.M. Be sure you sample the many fresh fruits and vegetables and fish that you can probably get nowhere else.

While these boat cruises are not cheap to remember this is probably a once in a lifetime experience. So forget the expense and enjoy yourself to the fullest on your Galapagos Island boat tour.

Our New Direction


ALLIED EXPORT INDUSTRIES Woven & Knitted – Casualwear and Fashionwear Garments for Women, Men & juvenile.

Banaras House Ltd. Serving as a buying office and trading house. “South Asian Trade Centre” have excellent showroom for ready made garments, home textiles and garden products alongwith warehousing facility…..

BANARAS BEADS LIMITED – one of the largest exporters of Glass Beads.

Essbee International — Berets, Mufflers, Jersey, Pullovers, Shoes etc.

General Commerce Ltd. leading Manufacturer& Exporters of Ready-made Garments

EAST & WEST HANDICRAFT ENTERPRISE – leading trading houses in Mens, Ladies and Children Garments.

HYDERABAD APPARELS C0. PVT. LTD. Manufacturers of Fashion Garments based on Jute Blended Fine Fabrics.

KRAFT LAND (INDIA) Government of India recognised Export House established in 1987 with the export of Readymade Garments specialised in Sequins Beaded Silk Garments for special occasion and partywear.

MAHARANI OF INDIA (Govt. Recognised Export House) We specialize in designing High Fashion Ladies and Children Garments.

MALANI EXPORTS manufacturers and Exporters of Handicrafts, Made-ups, Textiles and Readymade garments.

MERCURY EXPORTS — Manufacturers of Leather Garments (Jacket & Pant), Textile Garments & Leather Goods.

R D PARMANANDKA TEXTILES LTD. We are engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and export of Undergarments, T-Shirts and Computer Designed Socks under the Brand Name Lyril 2000 Series Undergarments and Jungfrau T Shirts / Socks.

SEIDENSTOFFE INTERNATIONAL- Manufacturers and exporters of Silk Fabrics.

VENUS KNITWEARS CO. PVT. LTD. — Manufacturers of Ladies & Gents Under-garments.

Our Better Profile

The Chamber disseminates information on international trade enquiries and tenders received from foreign missions in India and abroad, arranges meetings with visiting foreign trade delegations and organises participation of members in important fairs in India and abroad. The Chamber has a direct membership of more than 1630 large and medium enterprises and indirectly it serves more than 50,000 organisations. The Chamber has established special relationship with important organisations, Governments/Governmental organisations all over the world.

The region served by the Chamber is a highly dynamic part of India. While in terms of population, it accounts for around 29 percent of the national total, in terms of its performance in production and exports the share is significantly higher. The share in GDP is over 26 percent, exports 38 percent and production by small scale industry is 30 percent. Food grain production in this region is 45 percent of the national output.

It is rich in agriculture and has tremendous potential for development of agro-based industries. The industrial base of the region is well diversified and engineering industry is a distinguishing feature of the region. Its people are hard working, enterprising and indeed, constitute its richest asset.

In view of a large number of Chamber members being engaged in international business, exports as well as co-operation in technology and investment, PHDCCI has a separate International Trade Division which explores possibilities for promoting international trade and other business links.

The Chamber is in close touch with the diplomatic missions in New Delhi of almost all foreign countries.

Some important activities that it undertakes for promotion of international trade are:
Identification and dissemination of information on business opportunities available for promoting trade and business collaborations with overseas firms.
Processing of trade enquiries and tenders.
Co-ordination and assistance to business delegations visiting India.
Organising individual business meetings with delegations overseas .
Promotion of co-operation in the areas of research and development, transfer of technology and foreign investment.

With certain countries and Chambers of Commerce, the Chamber has established formal co-operative linkages by signing “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU), whose main objective is to create institutional framework for a two-way flow of information on opportunities for promoting trade as well as technical and economic co-operation.

BUSINESS CENTRE Click at Business Centre

The Chamber has a Business Centre equipped with state-of-the-art communication facilities and total secretarial support services to meet the requirements of important business clients and business delegations.